Saturday, June 2, 2012

Step away from the funk.

I get in funks.  Sometimes they're really hard to get out of.  Today I think I figured out that the key is to move.  Even if I don't want to, just simple movement can be the necessary shift.  I was in a funk this morning.  The kids begged and begged (ad infinitum) to go to the pool.  The answer was repeatedly, "No".  Then they spent a good deal of time cleaning their rooms, and worked really hard.  I caved and took them, and it ended up being the positive shift that I sought.  The kids' joy, the smell of barbecue and chlorine, the perfect breeze, dappled shade, armed with my camera, journal and a copy of Momma Zen ..... I found my center yet again.  

What are the little things that are your happiness?


  1. Nature, sunshine, the joyous sound of a ball against a bat at the park down the street...remembering over and over again that I am a being of love, light and awareness. Wow. That felt good! And now I promise to stop stalking your blog! lol.