Monday, May 4, 2015

A Decade

As of today, that's how long my Dad has been gone. That doesn't seem right.
My Mom called me at something like 3:30am that morning, and I knew before she even said anything. I hazily remember driving there, the tear-blurred moon seeming to guide me. He was already gone. I didn't get to say goodbye.
The last thing he said to me on the phone was, "Love you suge, take care of those babies."
(He always called me suge, short for sugar.)
He and my Mom were always the biggest supporters of my art. Even when I was just a little, and wanted to be an artist when I grew up, they always encouraged me to take that route, and never once made it sound like a foolish thing to dream. In 1998, he bought me my first SLR and took me on a mountain adventure to break it in. I'm glad that I didn't know that would be our last trip together.
On Thanksgiving Day 1999, he had a massive heart attack. He died twice but managed to fight back for another six years. I'm sure it was so he could meet his grandkids.
His legacy, one that I hope I'm passing on to my kids, is a profound love and appreciation for Nature. His down time was spent fishing, hunting, gardening and chasing the sunny spots in the yard to just sit and think.
Though I usually prefer shade.
Love you, Dad. Miss you every day.

(Naughty fingers.)  :)


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring Senior Session

Remember last week's post about the fun family shoot in Volcano? This is the second half of that day - a senior shoot with Alexis, a gorgeous girl who has mad ballet and drama skills, not to mention some great photo ideas. She's gonna go far, and I wish her much success.

Here's a sampling of the day.





Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Family Session

It's been a while! Why is it so hard to find a few minutes to sit down and write? Hoping this is the beginning of more regular posting. Hoping!
Last month I had the pleasure of spending a gorgeous Spring afternoon with this amazing family in the little hamlet of Volcano, California. They were joy and laughter and goofiness and togetherness, and what an honor to capture some of that magic.
This kindness arrived from Margaret after the photos were (finally!) delivered:
"I have quite honestly never seen a picture of myself that I truly enjoy..... until tonight. It is not that the structure of my face has changed, nor that I suddenly love my shape. It has to do with the wonderful, patient woman who spent a few hours following my and my silly family around one Saturday a few weeks ago and took the time to see and learn and capture who we are. What I see in these pictures is the joy that is my family - personified. Thank you, thank you, thank you a hundred times over Krista for your magnificent work and for truly seeing us!"
 (*gasp and blush*)
Huge gratitude to all of you.
These are a few of my favorites.
Come back in a bit to see the second part of this day!